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The Challenge!

Driving value to repair shops in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace is becoming more and more difficult.  Shop consolidation, price pressures and supply industry consolidation are all creating a highly competitive environment with shrinking margins.  Shop decision making, in the absence of value-based differentiation, quickly turns to demands for lower prices and financial assistance; both of which are easily replicated and create very little loyalty or guarantee of sustainable growth.

Manufactures and distributors are working with body shop customers who are increasingly sophisticated and growing in size.  These dynamics create new needs for shop owners which, if addressed in the right manner, can provide clear differentiation, customer growth and long term loyalty.


The Solution!

ClaimsCorp is the leader in repair center performance monitoring and improvement (Network management and Performance Management solutions) with the focus on assisting collision repair businesses in being well aligned and prepared for the future and the opportunities that arise.

ClaimsCorp works with Supply Chain parties to establish effective strategies for long-term growth and differentiation with the emerging leaders of the collision repair industry.  Through:


      • Collaborative Innovation and Planning services
      • Network monitoring and management tools
      • Performance improvement tools and services
      • Customer lifecycle solutions

ClaimsCorp can bring you together with your customers to secure their business, help them control and grow their business while forming a long-term value-based relationship.





For more information please contact us to discuss your needs and how we may be of assistance.

Fast Fact

The industry average sales per production square foot $14.75.

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