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ClaimsCorp is the leader in enterprise-wide business performance monitoring, reporting and improvement for multi-site businesses and strong single-site growth oriented owners. Through our advanced data aggregation and visualization products, supported by unique business services ClaimsCorp enables lower business risk, new efficiencies, higher productivity and strategic growth. Our product and services suite offers our customers one of the most robust performance management and improvement solutions in the Auto Claims Economy. Our fundamental belief is: Aggregate, Analyze, and Improve!

Through extensive experience and research in the insurance claims fulfilment industry, we have identified four key solution areas necessary to drive success for the leaders of the future. These include:

  1. Strategy Enabling – Assisting with the process of identifying strategy, aligning operations plans with the strategy and establishing tools and processes for implementing change and tracking progress. 
  2. Network Management – Solutions for keeping track of and managing a group of shops.  This applies to franchises, multi-location operators, DRP programs, member networks and supply-chain sponsored networks.
  3. Performance Improvement – Solutions for tracking, reporting on, improving and promoting an individual location’s achievement of key business goals.
  4. Customer Life Cycle Management– Solutions targeted at:
    • maximizing customer satisfaction during the claims fulfillment cycle
    • maximizing the referral opportunities from every past customer
    • maximizing the return rate of future customers

Your collision business will be more competitive in your markets through ClaimsCorp’s differentiated and flexible visualization tools. You can quickly and efficiently view the key metrics of your business and more easily drive the right improvements to add value to your insurance and consumer relationships.

Key benefits of working with ClaimsCorp are:

  • Sales gains by having the right dialogue with insurance partners using our reporting solutions.
  • Improved ability to promote your business to gain new insurance partnerships.
  • An internal performance improvement focus, driven through benchmark reporting.
  • Touch time and cycle time improvements.
  • Less time compiling spreadsheets, more time driving quantifiable improvements.
  • Time savings by rapidly accessing diverse information from newly acquired locations.
  • Data history continuity in the event of a management system change.
  • Overcome information overload and simplify your business.


Together we work with your leadership team to define focused action plans for implementing “monitoring and improvement” solutions which support your strategic direction. We leverage our experience in all sectors of the Auto Claims Economy to provide you with solutions that capitalize on the latest and most important industry trends. Our goal is to strategically prepare your business for the upcoming market opportunities so you are ready to capitalize and act when new opportunities arise.

Fast Fact

The industry average sales per production square foot $14.75.

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