Finance & Capital

Grow shareholder value, manage risk, apply governance!

Whether you are growing a single site, expanding to multi-sites, learning to better manage and grow a multi-site operation or developing a network you must ensure your assets are protected, your shareholder value grows and your risks are effectively managed. You need control, confidence and sustainability. We can help!

ClaimsCorp offers the following services to help you manage your financial assets:
  • Business Strategy Reviews & Governance
  • Finance & Capital Planning
  • Management Team Development
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Succession Planning (inside and outside of the business)
  • Absent Owner Program
  • Advisory Board Program

ClaimsCorp is by your side all the way. Our Advisory Board program helps establish a board structure and increase your effectiveness. Through more structured management of your investment and the availability of added perspectives and coaching, you will drive stronger, more predictable results.

Fast Fact

The industry average sales per production square foot $14.75.

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